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Solafied Solar Systems

Franklin Electric's range of 4 inch and 6 inch Submersible Bore Pumps, Submersible Motors, Control Boxes, Pumptec Pump Protection Units, SubMonitors, Motor Protection and Accessories

Save money... buy Franklin Electric Pumps online and have it delivered to your door with no delivery charge.

Submersible Bore

As a registered dealer for Franklin Electric, we offer you a large range of Franklin Pumps including Submersible Bore Pumps, Bore Pump Motors, Control Boxes, Pump Protection for single phase and three phase motors and many other Franklin Pumping Systems products.

From this site you can buy Franklin Submersible Bore Pumps (wet end only), Franklin Electric Submersible Motors (only) and you can also buy a Franklin pump / motor assembly (wet end and motor).


Get everything you need for your Pump Installation

Bore Pump Kits are available here.

Kits can include:

  • Bore Pump, Motor & Starter
  • Bore Cap
  • Splice Kit
  • Pump Shroud or Shroud Adapter
  • S/S Support Cable (to desired length) & 2 Grips
  • Electrical Drop Cable (cut to length)
  • Flexible Riser Hose (cut to length)
  • Motor Protection Device
  • Free Shipping in Australia


Solar Bore Pump Kits

Kit can include:

  • Bore Pump, Motor & Controller
  • Panels
  • Panel Array Frames
  • Riser Pipe
  • Battery (if running at night)
  • Generator (if running at night)
  • Free Shipping Australia Wide

As every kit will be made to suit, please contact me for your Bore Pump Kit and I will be happy to arrange this for you!

4 inch franklin bore pump assemblies
4 inch Franklin wet ends
4 inch Franklin Electric Submersible motors
Franklins Subdrive Quickpak constant pressure system
Franklin Electric Single Phase Control Boxes
Bore Pump accessories including bore cap, pump shroud, pressure gauge, pressure tank, submersible cable, stainless steel safety cable and splice kits
Franklin Electric Submonitor 3 phase protection Franklin Electric pumptec Plus single phase pump protection
Franklin Electric Single Phase pump protection pumptec
5 inch Bottom Intake Stainless Steel Submersible Franklin Pump 6 inch Franklin Stainless Steel Submersible bore pump end Six inch Franklin Electric Submersible Motors
5" Bottom Intake Pumps 6" Bore Pumps 6" Motors
solar pump kit solar pump arrays If you are looking for a bore pump in the lower price bracket, then I have another 'Bore Pumps' website called





Australia Wide Free Delivery of your Franklin Electric Pump, Motor or Accessories

Franklin's range of bore pumps include:


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When Purchasing a product from this website, please be sure that you have made the correct choice. You accept the risks and responsibility of your purchase and that you have made the correct product choice - The onus is on you. I have provided information on products as well as contact details to help you choose the Franklin product that will suit your needs.